DropSpace is a free Android application that fixes the primary issue that plagues the official Dropbox app for Android–the lack of true file synchronization. Grab a copy of DropSpace and start enjoying true file syncing on the go.

The official Dropbox app is limited to grabbing files from your Dropbox account or pushing files from your phone to your Dropbox account. Actual file synchronization, this manual push/pull model aside, is nowhere to be found. DropSpace fills that gap by enabling file synchronization between your SD card directories and your Dropbox directories. It’s packed with handy features including restricting file syncing to Wi-Fi connection only (great if you don’t want to chew up your very limited data plan) as well as numerous toggles for various settings like whether it should delete remote files if the local file is deleted, how often it should run the sync service, and more.

Hit up the link below to grab a copy and take it for a test drive. DropSpace is free and works wherever Android does; Dropbox account required.